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Terms & Conditions


Program and Facility Guidelines:

The following are some important terms and conditions under which Mandala Yoga Retreat shall provide services to its clients. Please carefully read and understand these terms and conditions before booking or visiting us.

We offer a variety of courses and healing services under one roof, including spa packages, yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreats, massage therapy courses, Reiki healing courses, sound healing courses, ayurveda, and pancha-karma courses at the Mandala Yoga Retreat in various buildings and rooms with the same compounds.

  1. The school does not allow drugs and alcohol. We have a small smoke zone; however, we would prefer not to smoke.

  2.  Students and participants should take care of their belongings. Management will not be responsible for any losses.

  3. Couples must avoid sexual conduct outside rooms.  Dress properly, avoiding bikinis and uncomfortable clothing, to respect Nepal's cultural traditions.

  4. The school may film and share class activities. If you don't want to be photographed, please move away from the camera and inform the organizers.

  5.  Treat the school like your home and care for its property. You are responsible for any damage or destruction to furnishings or school property, covering the full material and legal costs.

  6.  Approach learning with an open mind and avoid comparing to past experiences. Respect and follow your teacher's guidance; the school won't be liable for injuries resulting from not following instructions.

  7.  Residential members must stay overnight at the school. The school isn't responsible if this rule is broken. We're not liable for any activities outside the school.

  8.  We provide a vegetarian buffet; no individual menu is available. Clients wanting extra or different food must arrange it. If dietary medicine is required, we offer what's available; otherwise, clients should bring their own. Our location is rural, with shops a 20-minute walk away, so please bring any needed items.

Reservation and Payment Policy
  1.  Booking reservations are open year-round. Reserve your spot in any program up to a year in advance by paying a 25% advance confirmation fee. We'll send a payment link via email for bank transfer, PayPal, or online payment. Email us the payment receipt for confirmation. The balance is due upon arrival.

  2.  All transaction fees, including PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer, and other online methods, are the responsibility of the applicant or student. After booking confirmation, book a ticket to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport and inform us of your arrival details for pickup arrangement.

  3.  Upon arrival, payment accepted in cash (USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP) or Visa/Mastercard. Card payments have 4% extra charge. Date changes allowed with one month's notice before program start, otherwise no refund.

  4.  Participants are required to complete a school form and settle the balance before training starts. Exiting the program mandates filling an exit form with reasons; payments are non-refundable. Returning is allowed for course completion in case of physical or personal issues.

Cancellation Policy with No Refund


When making a reservation and getting a booking confirmation, please read over our cancellation policy. For all programs, Mandala Yoga Retreat firmly upholds a no-refund policy. If you are unable to attend or cancel, there will be no refund.

  1. Any reservation that is canceled, for any reason, before or after the program starts will result in the whole program payment or advance booking fee being lost. Nonetheless, participants are free to come back at any time and re-enroll in the same course or program, using the full program cost or an extended term of advance payment.

  2.  All candidates and students must follow the school policies, as well as Nepal's laws, rules, and regulations. Mandala Yoga Retreat and Nepal's laws, norms, and regulations must be observed. If someone violates these terms, the program may be canceled without refund.

  3.  Events outside the school's control are not the responsibility of Mandala Yoga Retreat. Participants may attend when things return to normal if the programming is postponed or cancelled due to natural disasters, global wars, or other uncontrollable circumstances; however, refunds will not be given.

  4.  Incase if Mandala Yoga Retreat cancels their program, you will receive a full refund. If the client/applicant cancels the program, the booking fee or full payment of the programme will not be refunded.

  5.  If a client changes the program date after booking confirmation, and if the school cancels other reservations due to your reservation, your program will be canceled and no refund will be issued.

  6.  Hate speech, misbehaving and inappropriate behavior are completely prohibited at the school and with other students, staff, and teachers. If found, pupils will be asked to leave without receiving any refund. 

  7.  Program prices and terms may change for legal or pricing reasons. Mandala Yoga Retreat can adjust prices and programs. Confirmed bookings won't be affected by any changes in cost or schedule. Once a program starts, clients can't change it.

Health and travel insurance


  1. It is highly advised that clients of Mandala Yoga Retreat acquire health and travel insurance that covers their personal belongings and well-being. Any travel or health problems that arise before, during, or after the course are not the responsibility of Mandala Yoga Retreat.

  2. If you become unwell during the course, whether from a fever, illness, or any other health issue, Mandala Yoga Retreat will not be held responsible. However, the school will make every effort to treat you naturally. If it doesn't work, the school will suggest that you go to the hospital; however, you are in charge of your health and the hospital's costs, not the school.

  3.  Mandala Yoga Retreat does not provide liability insurance for the protection of the participants.

  4.  For any health concerns, consult your doctor or a professional health expert. Prior to altering your diet or participating in our programs or courses, seek advice from your doctor.

  5.  Participants must manage their health issue before the programme starts, practicing at their own pace and informing the teacher or management of any health changes. Mandala Yoga Retreat is not liable for client health issues. Clients must adhere to the program considering their medical condition. If serious health issues occur, clients may be asked to leave for treatment and return when recovered.

Attendance, Certification and Time table
  1. Yoga is about self-discipline and each school has its rules. Certifications focus on self-awareness, adherence to rules, behavior, attendance, respect for teachers, and more. Timetables may change due to weather or other circumstances.

  2. We assess behavior patterns daily instead of traditional exams. Attendance is mandatory unless students are unwell. Success requires taking classes seriously, paying attention, following instructions, and self-study.

  3.  Repeatedly missing classes without valid reasons or being frequently late will lead to expulsion from the certification and course.

  4.  Certificates demand 100% attendance. Missed classes won't be rescheduled unless due to illness, which we'll consider.

  5.  The schedule and timetable may change based on weather, climate, teacher and student availability, but the program's hours remain consistent. The program hour will not change; however, the timing may vary.

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