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Mandala Retreat Center is in Chandragiri Hills, 30 minute drive from Thamel, the tourist center of Kathmandu. We sit cosily between two hills at 2000 meters above sea level which gives you peace and silence.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges of Annapurna and other mountains.

What is quite incredible is that after only 3 hours of hiking you can see the Mount Everest clearly!

  Our rooms

Come to us if you enjoy the outdoors, hills, and forests, and if you want to spend your quality time with mandala yoga family to create the finest vacation or programmers in Nepal. Since we are a yoga school and we all strive for simple living and high thinking, we have not designed deluxe, Suite, or luxury rooms and we are not in the business of selling expensive rooms.


Our all room and facility are same and very room in our house has an attached bathroom, a hot and cold air conditioning unit, hot and cold water, identical beds, identical cupboards and mattresses, a balcony, and internet. To ensure everyone's comfort, we have separated the space into three categories. For individuals who would prefer to be alone, we have private single rooms, shared rooms with twin beds, and dormitories with six beds. The cost varies slightly depending on the type of room.


Our healing and wellness programs include yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki healing, spa treatments, saunas, and steam rooms. Our services and packages are available to everyone. You can also come to our paradise and stay for one or more nights if you don't intend to enroll in any classes or go on a retreat and would just like to practice yoga and unwind. Spa packages and steam sauna massage therapy are accessible to anyone. Come with an open mind and imagine that you are entering your next family, your future home, where you will ultimately leave with plenty of love and happiness. Our goal is to be a family unit without any judgment because we are all the same.

Meditation Garden
& Yoga Shala

We are surrounded by a beautiful garden where students can practice yoga. We designed the garden so you can always find your hide-out spot for journaling or meditation. 

Our large Yoga hall is on the top floor so you will enjoy the spaciousness, views and richness of the lush green forest around you. 

Yoga hall is always open for you to practice, including yoga mats, bolsters and yoga straps.


Room & yoga
halls for rent

Our facility is open for rent for your wellness retreats and trainings. If you seek a beautiful, small village enough yet fully accessible, vegetarian, comfortable, clean and fully equipped haven of nature in Nepal, message us.

You can rent it from one day, one week up to one month. Our space is perfect for yoga retreats, teacher trainings, sound healing  ranging from a couple of days up to a month. We will welcome any wellness offering related to health, body & mind, yoga or meditation here in our serene haven.

Make sure you book in advance.

Image by Abhishek Sanwa Limbu
Restaurant & Café

We will feed you with love and care in our dining hall – a separate building within the retreat center. There are chairs and tables that host comfortably up to  30 people.


There’s a dining space at the rooftop of our restaurant for you to enjoy the breathtaking views. You can also enjoy your meals in the garden.

We would like to emphasize that we have been catering travelers for many years so the kitchen as well as the restaurant are 100% clean and hygienic.

Our kitchen is open and attached to the canteen (you can always see what’s going on). All food is served buffet-style. There is always water, tea and seasonal fruits in the dining hall for you to snack on.

There is air conditioning in our canteen and we decided to place a TV in the restaurant in case you want to catch the news with your tea or coffee.

Tradiční Koření na trhu
Image by Persnickety Prints

We prepare healthy, fresh meals from ingredients from an organic local farm in a nearby village. We order fresh vegetables directly from the farmers.  

All meals are vegetarian as we live by the yogic code of ahimsa, non-violence. Vegetarianism is believed to be the most beneficial system of nutrition. 

For the owners, teachers and staff it is important to cultivate friendly, familiar environment filled with respect and trust – and they will love to share meals with their guests, with you. 

We aim for meals with a great nutritious value. Our chefs’ goal is to provide sattvic meals – food to bring calmness, peace and good health according to Ayurveda. We’ll provide vitamin-rich, protein filled meals for your body’s regeneration, calcium for strong bone structure, clean carbohydrates for energy requirements… all you will need for a balanced stay with us. 

We are able to accommodate  your wishes and special diets. Just get in touch and let us know. We want to make your soul as well as your tummy happy :)

Our kitchen is open and attached to the canteen (you can always see what’s going on). All food is served buffet-style. There is always water, tea and seasonal fruits in the dining hall for you to snack on.

There is air conditioning in our canteen and we decided to place a TV in the restaurant in case you want to catch the news with your tea or coffee.

A sneak peak of our menu

The food we cook for you is a combination of Western and Eastern healthy food choices. We will feed you a delicious range of tastes: ranging from Nepali traditional dish to western-style salads, breakfasts with fresh juices, local mangos, lovely deserts… 


Have a sneak peak into our menu:

Soups: pumpkin soup, lentil soup, grains soup, yam soup, vegetables curry soup, beans and peas soup, low fats creamy soups, mashed potato soup and many more.


Salads: kale salad, Greek salad, Mexican salad, Russain protein salad, beans salad, mix vegetables salad, mined fruits salads, mix sprouts salad, lettuce salad, Western and Eastern specials and many mores.


Rice: white & brown rice, maize rice, wheat rice, millet rice (dhedo).


Vegetables: fresh local sesonable vegetables directly from the farm


Teas: green tea, black tea, hot lemon ginger honey, coffee, fresh herbal tea.


Milk: cow milk, home made soymilk, home made coconut milk


Juices: fresh seasonable juices and smoothies.


Sweet desserts for carbs: dark chocolate cakes, carrot cake, kher


Still curious about how a well-balanced, ayuvedic and sattvic diet plays an important role?


We offer you these three types of  classified diets:


Eliminative diet: lemon and citric juices, coconut water, vegetable soups, butter milk, wheat grass juices etc.

Soothing diet: fruits, salads, boiled/steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney etc.

Constructive diet: wholesome flour, unpolished rice, legumes, sprouts, yoghurt etc.


Being alkaline, these diets help in improving health, purify the body and render it immune to disease. To this end, a proper combination of food is necessary. Our diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food for maintaining health. A balanced food is a must for any individual seeking good health. Food is regarded as Medicine in Naturopathy.

Our rooms

We have 13 rooms overall, including private single rooms, shared twin-bedded rooms, and dormitory rooms with six beds. We built very few rooms to prevent crowding.


We can accommodate 24 people in total in our facility.  We own:

  • 6 Private room with single comfortable bed

  • 6 sharing rooms with twin comfortable beds

  • 1 Comfort Dormitory rooms with 6 beds. 

The cost of the accommodation:

Prices vary based on the kind of lodging and the program. The cost of each program varies. To determine the cost based on your packages, retreat, courses, and room options, click on the menu bar. The pricing list for a one-night stay is shown below.


Private Single Room - 60 USD

Twin Sharing Room: - 90 USD


Three daily meals are included in the accommodation rate, and yoga enthusiasts can attend a free morning yoga class. Although we can organize the vehicle whenever you need it, pick-up and drop-off are not included.

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