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The organization believes in teamwork rather than just giving a course by a teacher. Their goal is to develop mutual understanding and bonding among those who come to them for various programs such as yoga, retreats, reiki, sound healing, and massage training. They have a highly trained, more than 18 years teaching experience professional expert teacher from traditional healing background who has undergone studying from academy and spiritual sadhana in ashram with their unique practices and international award winning.

Swami Chaintanya

Swami Chaitanya Krishna is an embodiment of joy. He is a third generation master and healer. The healing process in his family was started by his grandfather who was a very famous shaman of eastern Nepal. He was truly gifted with healing powers by the nature and healed more than fifty thousand people!
Swami Chaitanya Krishna has learnt the art of healing and shamanism from many different masters. He was to become a holy man when he was 13 years old and left his home shortly after to travel the spiritual areas of Nepal, study Hinduism, practice tantra with various babas, gurus and holy men. He has received much knowledge about philosophy, spirituality, tantra, mantra, meditation. He has treated more than 1000 people and gave trainings to more than 500 students from all over the world. He is a teacher to about 10 very advanced students who spread the love of sound healing all around the world.

Vishnu Joshi

Yoga Guru Vishnu was Born at Dev Bhumi Uttarakhand and he Completed His study and learned Yoga from Rishikesh (word capital of Yoga) and he had a deep-rooted passion In Indian Vedic Philosophies, Occult Sciences and more particularly in the disciplines of yoga and Naturopathy from his childhood Day’s.He has study and trained with Yogiraj Dr. Vishvapal Jayant Ji at Vedic Gurukul MahavidhyalayaKanvashram, Kotdwar and reached of full understanding of Yoga Science of Body and Mind.

As a professional yoga devotee, he holds the renowned Yoga Master 200/300/500hr E-RYTcertification and is registered at Yoga Alliance USA And he brings his own unique and dynamic yoga Teaching Program. He Has 1 Year Experience in Ayurveda & Panchakarma, 6 Month Certificate Course in Yoga, 1-year Diploma Course In yoga, 2 Year Master in Yogic Science and 3.5 Year Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy.He has acquired an-in-depth knowledge in Yogic Philosophy, Breathing techniques, Yogasana and Spiritual element of yoga teaching.Yoga Guru Vishnu Joshi is an International Registered Yoga Teacher with More than 10 Years of professional experienced in Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Sat karma Etc.

Through he is inspiring work, he leads people and students to experience a joyful connection to himself and their essential aliveness. Student’s tap into a reserve power, clarity and freedom like never before. His teaching style which is simple, logical with a knowledge of eastern techniques makes him one of the most highly sought - after mind and body- spirit teacher’s today

Manhal Tousis

Swami ji Manhal Tousis is not only a Reiki master, he is also an experienced Yoga instructor who has conducted many „Train the Trainer“ courses. Among many others, he is a certified Mantra, Nada yoga and singing bowls healer or numerology, tarot and crystal healer. He is trained and certified by a number institutions and schools in India, China and Nepal to conduct training in several other wellness healing techniques. 
Swami ji Manhal Tousis is from Jordan in the Middle East, his family however originally hailed from the Balkan Peninsula in the South East of Europe. He has been living in Nepal for almost 10 years, and considers Nepal to be his second home. Swami ji Manhal Tousis is a spiritual man who strongly believes in spirituality, and loves nothing more than to lead a life of total freedom. A strong personal trait of Swami ji Manhal is his limitless drive and passion for learning and mastering new skills and techniques, both for self development and to benefit others.

Swami Yog Abhinav (Shanta Shakya)

Swami Yog Abhinav (Shanta Shakya) was born in Kathmandu on February 10, 1967. He is his family rebellious and independent child who questions all social, religious, and philosophical ideas. As he grew older, he began reading and listening to Osho and other spiritual leaders who had inspired him. His desire to learn more about himself and how to solve difficulties prompted him

to explore with various yoga, meditation, healing practices on reiki, sound healing therapy, which culminated to his ordination as a neo sannyasin at the age of 19 in 1986.

According to his knowledge and long experience on this spiritual path, he is teaching aura healing, Reiki healing, self healing , sound

healing and meditation in mandala yoga retreat. Join him, you will not be disappointed; he is the most lovable, decent, and kind

guru in Mandala.

Yogesh Pokharel

Yogesh Pokhrel is a yoga therapist and yoga instructor who has extensive training in yoga and a specialist in ashtanga principles. Enjoy motivating people to achieve long-term physical, mental, and spiritual fitness objectives. Yogesh Pokhrel is a sound healing therapist and yoga therapist who specializes in neurological illnesses, hypertension, cardiology, psychiatric

problems, arthritis, back pain, diabetes, and many other conditions. He will treat your physical and mental stress through yoga treatment, sound healing therapy, and other techniques.

Yogesh is the lead teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga therapy, Yoga anatomy, and Yoga philosophy at Mandala. Yogesh is a skilled yoga instructor and sound healer with 7 years of experience teaching national and international students.

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