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Reiki and Sound Healing Training

Uncover your healing potential and experience the joys of becoming a Reiki practitioner or a Sacred Sound healer. Our Reiki training and Sound healing training are both a comprehensive, powerful and accessible introduction to energy healing. Both Sound Healing and Reiki healing courses are certified with a Diploma from Mandala Yoga retreat.

1. Reiki Training in Mandala Retreat Center


First Level:  USD 300 (5 hours 2 Days )

Second Level: USD 400 (7 hours 2 Days )

Master Level:  USD 800 (16 Hours 5 Days)

Note: ( Price includes, Accommodation, Meals & pickup)



1. Reiki Training in Kathmandu Nepal


In our Reiki Healing Training we combine both the Western and Eastern approach: in the West, Reiki is taught as a form of alternative medicine while in the East, the teaching invites students to their own spiritual practice. Our Reiki Training and Reiki Healing are suitable to absolutely anyone – no matter the age or religion.

About Reiki

Reiki is a widely recognized method developed by a buddhist monk almost 100 years ago in Japan. He spent 21 days in solitude, fasting and meditating. After his devoted spiritual practice, he received this technique which today is one of the world’s most popular spiritual and healing methods.  

Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or religious practice. It is not a massage therapy. The fundamental idea of Reiki is the existence of an intelligent universal energy flow. Some call it prana, some chi or perhaps the Holy Spirit.

Reiki always flows by itself into the most „damaged“ areas, meaning to places where there is currently least of the energy. Just like water which always flows to the lowest point.


Come for your Reiki Training to Nepal! 

Nepal itself is a powerful spiritual land of the Buddha, tantra, ancient sages and thousands of monasteries. Reiki training in Nepal is a must-do experience.



We offer the best Certified Reiki Healing Training Course in Nepal


During our Reiki Training in Nepal with Mandala you will:

  • Learn how to harmonize and purify chakras (energy centers)

  • Receive the secret art of meditation

  • Come closer to your inner peace, balance and harmonious living.

  • Reiki is transferred to the student by our Reiki Master during an attunement process.

  • This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and opens the connection

  • between the student and the Reiki source.

  • Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. It is guided by the Rei, or higher

  • Consciousness, and adjusts the process depending on the individual needs of each student.


Join our Reiki Training, you will not be disappointed. We guarantee the best Reiki healing training course in Nepal!


 Level of Reiki healing therapy

  • Originally there are three levels of Reiki healing therapy which are known as:

  • Reiki level - 1: teaches the students hands on healing for self healing and other with touching.

  • Reiki level - 2: teaches the students distance healing without touch, healing through the palm energy and get initiation and attunement.

  • Reiki level - 3: is also known as Reiki master level which teaches the experienced of Reiki practitioner to teach reiki.

  • The reiki level 3  teach to give Reiki training level 1, 2 & 3 courses after the master level. Upon successful completion of the course, the trainees will receive a professional certificate. Trainees will be able to start healing self and others after the completion of the course.


Reiki healing level 1 syllabus


Philosophy of reiki healing therapy

  1. Introduction of Reiki healing therapy

  2. History of Reiki healing therapy

  3. The five importance of Reiki healing principles

  4. Benefits and precaution of Reiki healing therapy

  5. Importance of aura for Reiki healing

  6. Know Chakras before Reiki healing

  7. Uses of mantra and meditation before and during Reiki healing

  8. Why Reiki healing through the palm learn the power of palm and 5 elements.

  9. Importance of breathing exercise for Reiki healing therapy

  10. Guidelines and principals of Reiki

  11. How Reiki use and how it  works


Practical for Reiki healing therapy

  1. Practice of yoga and meditation for energy boost

  2. Uses of hand position

  3. Practice of self healing

  4. Practice for others healing for therapy

  5. Room sheeting for Reiki healing

  6. Practice of Distance healing and touching healing


Buddhistická zpívající mísa
Energy Healing

2. Sound healing training certification in Nepal


Welcome to your mystical experience of the Sacred Sound!


3  days– 15 hours basic course – USD 550

7 days- 35 hours advanced course – USD 1150

Note: ( Cost Includes accommodation, 3 meals a day, pick up from airport & Thamel  ) 


Availability Dates :

The course starts every month all year round January to December. Fell free to select your suitable dates and join the Himalayan singing bowls therapy course with us.

1st -7th
( If you want to do a Private Class. we are flexible on Dates , you can choose your own Suitable date and time )


Sound healing is an ancient, time-proven technique to soothe the nervous system and expand the consciousness. We run Sound healing training certified by Mandala Yoga retreat in Nepal, the home of spirituality. We are dedicated to our mission to bring you joy and light! It gives us great pleasure and fulfillment every time our students say their lives were changed deeply. 


Sound healing 

  • Opens one’s the capacity for love, peace and happiness within

  • Opens the heart and mind

  • Increases concentration, focus and attention

  • Heals emotional and psychological scars

  • Promotes creative potential. 

We offer high-quality, authentic and honest sound healing training courses taught by a leading teacher from a long lineage of sound healers.

You will begin a deep meditative journey into the Power of Sound and discover many tools to transform your life, assist in shifting frequencies, literally and metaphorically! Come dive deep into your consciousness as we create the space for transformation. Become a Sound Healing Practitioner and a Therapist with Mandala!


With sound healing certification, you will be able to:

  • Ease chronic pains

  • Reduce stress

  • Help with mental health issues

  • Bring well-being for the elderly

  • Help during pregnancy and birth.


No previous knowledge of Sound Therapy is required to attend this training course.




Course Syllabus

For beginners

1. Opening session
2. Introduction

  1. 7 Sacred Metals Used in Ancient Metallurgy and Planet Relationship

  2. Metal/Planet

3. Singing bowls history and origin
4. History of sound healing and therapies
5. How to play bowls:
6. Learn to choose singing bowls How to Choose a Singing Bowl

  1. Selecting Your Singing Bowl

  2. Quality

  3. Usage

  4. Tone

  5. Aesthetics

  6. Bowls and chakras

7. Uses of singing bowls
8. The 7 chakra traditional way of singing bowls therapies and healing Vedic (Indian)

  1. Root chakra – C

  2. Sacral chakra – D

  3. Solar Plexus chakra – E

  4. Heart chakra – F

  5. Throat chakra – G

  6. Third Eye chakra – A

  7. Crown chakra – B

8. The 7 chakra traditional way of sound healing and therapies (Tibetan):

  1. Root chakra – F

  2. Sacral chakra – C

  3. Solar Plexus chakra – G

  4. Heart chakra – D

  5. Throat chakra – A

  6. Third Eye chakra – E

  7. Crown chakra – B

10. Mantra, Mudra and Yantra
11. Water therapies
12. Certification
13. Gratitude
14. Closing session

But it is not the end, it is the beginning. The journey has just begun!
Live, love and laugh – Looking forward to meeting you,
Swami Chaitanya Krishna





Course syllabus

For deep experience
1. Opening session
2. Introduction
3. Water therapies (cold water therapy and hot water therapy)
4. Sound and vibration massage
5. Five elements (Pancha tatwa)
6. 12 chakra therapy:
7. Brainwave entrainment:

How does it work?

What are brainwaves?

What are the benefits of modifying our brainwaves?

The Five Categories of Brainwaves

Beta brainwaves

Features and Benefits of a Beta State

NOTE: Excessive Beta brainwaves are also a feature of insomnia

Alpha brainwaves
Features and Benefits of an Alpha State
Health benefits include:
Theta brainwaves
Features and benefits of Theta brainwaves
Health benefits of Theta brainwaves

NOTE: Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being. Theta meditation has also been known to result in a reduced need for sleep.

Delta brainwaves

Gamma brainwaves

Having high amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity has been associated with:

12. Certification
13. Gratitude
14. Closing session

But it is not the end, it is the beginning. The journey has just begun!
Live, love and laugh – Looking forward to meeting you,
Swami Chaitanya Krishna

Daily schedule is subject to be change depending on teacher and students timing.

Image by Magic Bowls
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