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ruční masáž
Certified Massage & Spa Trainings and Courses 

We provide both International and National (C.T.E.V.T) certified massage therapy courses in Nepal. Massage therapy trainings we offer in Nepal are an ancient holistic practice used for relaxation and healing therapy for physical and mental balance. We offer a range of Massage, Reflexology and Holistic Therapy courses from Ayurveda massage to Thai and Nepali deep tissue massage training.

For this diploma course you don’t need any previous massage experience to realize their potential and obtain an recognized diploma in Holistic Massage.

If you have any previous experience, you will add wonderful new approaches and techniques to your repertoire with our advanced Massage training course.

You can join alone, with a partner or a small group of friends. Our small class sizes enable us to offer a true „hands-on“ approach to massage therapy training.


Course cost with accommodation


Dormitory room:                  1600 USD

Twin bed sharing room:    1800 USD

Private single room:            2100 USD


Availability Dates: 

Starting date: 1st of the month

Ending date: 21st of the  month


Certified Massage Training Course:

  • Basic beginner Massage Training

  • Advanced level of Massage training

Find specific massage training courses below:



Image by Katherine Hanlon
Image by Chelsea shapouri

3 weeks Diploma course in Massage therapy

Syllabus & Curriculum:


 Theory of Massage Therapy

  • What is massage

  • History Of Massage

  • Benefits of Massage

  • Contraindications and Precaution Conditions:

  • Four types of ancient massage

  • Importance of spine & massage

  • Who should do massage regularly

  • Who should not do massage

  • How to be a good massager

  • Why does Massage Start from the Left Side?

  • How massage works on the body


Anatomy  of massage therapy

  • Skeletal System and how massage help the skeletal system

·Muscular System and how Massage help the muscular system

  • Cardiovascular (circulatory) System and how Massage therapy help for the circulatory system

·Respiratory System and how massage benefits the respiratory system

·Digestive System and how Massage releases tension in the abdominal and intestinal muscles, relieves constipation, assists with waste elimination, and stimulates liver and kidney activity.

·Nervous System and how Massage help the nervous system

·Excretory (urinary) System and how Massage help the urinary system

·Endocrine (hormonal) System and how Massage help the endocrine system

·Lymphatic system and how Massage benefits  the lymphatic system

·Reproductive System and how Massage works  the reproductive system

  • Practice of massage according to anatomy points



Massage therapy for common disease


  • How does massage therapy effect the body

  • What are the side effects and risks of massage therapy?

  • What are some other points to consider about massage therapy as complementary and alternative medicine

  • Massage for insomnia:

  • Massage for better vision:

  • Massage for physical and mental stress:

  • Massage for arthritis:

  • Massage for sciatica:

  • Massage for paralysis:

  • Massage for high blood pressure:

  • Massage during pregnancy:

  • How to massage in injury and inflammation area-

  • Use of oil for massage therapy

  • Use of herbal and natural remedies  for massage therapy



Practical massage therapy

  • Preparation & Things to do before and after the massage

  • Massage principals for giver and taker:

  • Body position during massage

  • How to use hands and legs for massage

  • Practical guidance for body massage

  • Methods of Massage

  • Types of massage

  • Use of oil and its type



Practical Massage

Learn the massage origin, definition, theory, benefits, precaution, methods of different styles of massage therapy.

  1. What happens during  massage?

  2. Are there any side effects?

  3. What To Expect from massage

  4. Is Massage Painful or relaxing? 

  5. How often to get  massages

  6. What to Know Before Your massage Appointment


  Different types of massage that we learn in this course are as follows:

·Swedish massage:

  • Deep tissue massage:

  • Ayurveda massage therapy

  • Hot-stone massage

  • Shirodhara

  • Thai massage therapy:

  • Head and shoulder massage

  • Foot massage


Tips for Spa therapist

  • Learn how to choose quality Spa Product.

  • Learn how to set up  Spa rooms.

  • Learn Spa management and marketing.

  • Learn how to deal with the front desk and guest handling.

  • Learn to teach Massage therapy.

  • Importance of dress code for spa therapist.

  • What are the rules and regulation for spa therapist and Centre.

  • Learn how to be a good massager.

  •  Self-care and cleanses.

  • How to Start a Massage Therapy Business

  • Learn massage methodology to be a professional massage therapist and a teacher.



Students can be assured that they are acquiring the skill standard required for employment in this field. We have been providing accredited training for almost two decades.

Upon successful completion of the  course, we provide international certificate for tourist and Nepal government of (C.T.E.V.T) certificate for local if needed. We prepare our students to be ready to give spa services as a professional therapist. Worry not, here we are to make you be able to give massage therapy services immediately after completion of the course.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
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